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Our History

About two hundred years ago a young man opened a public house in merry Old England. His hobby was the classic sport of fox hunting and he chose the name Fox & Hounds Pub for his fine establishment.

Things went well, but he was the restless type and longed for more adventure and wanted to travel to the New World. This was not to be without his beloved pub though, as he disassembled the heavy timbered building and shipped it and himself off to the western frontier of Canada. He settled in the wilderness of British Columbia in a handsome grove of alder trees. He called the place Aldergrove ~

This was great fox country as he’d heard through mates from the Hudson’s Bay Co. and he could continue his beloved sport in grand style. The heavy, original timbers from his pub in England were used to frame his new pub, a gathering place for his hunting buddies in this new land. Through the years the Fox & Hounds has seen many generations of patrons through the doors,
~ truly a Neighbourhood Pub.

As the town grew so did the little pub. Over time new additions were added, and each was slightly different in style and form, The result was an eclectic collection of rooms, each filled with artifacts and treasures from the Publican’s many adventures and travels as well as memorabilia from friends here and from the old country.

a small brick wall with two ceramic dogs and a ceramic fox on top. titled: fox & hounds
a burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, and a pickle with mixed vegetables and chopped tomatoes on top and a small cup of brown sauce. on a white plate.
a ball of meat with sausages and gravy on top. cucumbers, carrots and broccoli on the side on a white plate

Our Vision

The introduction of Neighbourhood pubs into this province is a concept originating from England, many years ago. Some of these pubs in England have been in existence for well over 300 years. In England, most apartments or flats are very small because of the condensed population. Space for living rooms is sacrificed for more essential space, such as bedrooms and kitchens. To overcome the lack of space to entertain guests, Neighbourhood pubs emerged and became “a common living room” for the neighborhood. When a tenant was bored with being confined to a small space, they could simply go to their Neighbourhood pub, and play darts or listen to some entertainment, while enjoying a drink, a good meal and some conversation with friends. We strive to be the “common living room” of Aldergrove.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the Fox & Hounds and call it home too ~

“From the Pacific Coast of British Columbia to Alberta’s ranches and farms, our backyard is full of some of the richest and abundant foods. It is our goal to support a community of local producers and give you the freshest and most flavour-filled produce, cheeses and meats available. We pride ourselves in giving you delicious, made from scratch meals using traditional recipes and the best ingredients.”

fried calamari with a small black cup of brown sauce and another cup of white sauce on a white plate
nine mozzerella sticks with a white sauce in a small black cup on a white plate next to a glass cup of beer