Features & Happenings

Caesar Lovin' Sunday

Drink feature: Caesars, Caesars, Caesars... (Bacon lover? Try The Fox Caesar!)

Dining Feature: Chef's call (Coming soon, Family Style Dinning)

Margarita Monday
5pm - 9pm

Drink feature: Margaritas! Over ice or blended, your choice
Dining Feature: Tacos. Individual or mix-n-match our Fish, Spicy Beef or Chicken tacos


5pm - 9pm

Drink feature: House Wines, 8-4-6 (8oz for the price of 6oz)
Dining Feature: It's all about Pasta! Pasta Bolognese, Marinara or Garlic Parmesan


5pm - 9pm

Drink feature: Jugs of House Craft Lager or Amber Ale

Dining Feature: Wings! $6.99 for a full pound of wings (with a drink purchase)
(Wing Nite insider tips...)

5pm - 9pm

Drink feature: House Highballs
Dining Feature: Prime Rib Dinner

5pm - 9pm

Drink feature: Burt Reynolds Shooters, Cranberry Ginger Fizz or House Wine (8-4-6)
Dining Feature: Chef's Cut, Steak Dinner